Dawn’s Story

I wanted to share a little bit of background information on a 56 year old client we met with recently & a short paragraph at the bottom about what we did to help her.

Dawn’s adoptive parents gave her an amazing life and were her entire support system. She was diagnosed with hydrocephalus as a baby and therefore sustained some brain damage that caused her a long-term disability. Dawn was able to finish high school with special needs programming and received her  diploma.  She lived with her parents until her mother passed away in 2010 and her father moved to Florida.

Dawn witnessed her mother’s death in 2010 while at her mother’s dialysis appointment. It was both tragic and very traumatic for Dawn who recalls screaming for the staff to help, but that they all seemed uninterested in her urgency.  Ultimately her mother passed away from the incident.  Dawn has been harboring some resentment towards her remaining brother as he made the decision to end life support. Her mother did gift her their house before she passed away, so she has been able to live there for years with no payment. Dawn still grieves her mother to the point of tears almost every day, along with her brother who died in a car accident when Dawn was only 13.

Dawn recently chose to contact her biological siblings (she is 1 of 8 children). She shared that it was a mistake saying “I wish I had never met them, I want nothing to do with those people”.  Dawn had positive hopes for what her biological family would be like and was crushed when she discovered they weren’t who she thought they would be.

Today, Dawn’s only income is disability. She has struggled with keeping her bill payments spread out where they don’t leave her short of money all at one time.  After extensive conversations with Dawn, we came to a conclusion that she tends to be too trusting of people who are looking to take advantage of her financially. Dawn is setting up an appointment with a financial coach this month to help educate her on how to protect herself from financial crimes and manage her money. Additionally, we referred her to a grief counselor and support group. Dawn had a need for truck repairs which we were able to assist with. Our CIA alert team was able to raise $820 to cover the costs for Dawn! We continue to work with Dawn to check in on her progress.

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