It’s that time of year…!

Hello everyone,

With the holidays coming up, we would like to keep you all informed about how Christ in Action is serving our families this Christmas. In the past, we have facilitated Adopt-a-Family, we have given gift cards, gift baskets, and more. Our clients have been most appreciative of receiving gift cards to shop for their own children.  For December 2018, we are going to continue this act of love by purchasing gift cards and providing holiday gift baskets for our clients.

This tends to provide a sense of “normalcy” in regards to finances when parents can shop for their own children for Christmas. It restores a feeling of independence and accomplishment in parents by being able to provide for their family in such a personal manner. We would also like to provide our CIA parents with their own gift-card so they are able to treat themselves over the holidays. If you are interested in participating, please contact

By Christ in Action providing gift baskets filled with “household items”, parents can worry less about spending their money on day-to-day needs and enjoy shopping for their children. Items we need to collect for the gift baskets include; paper towels, trash bags, batteries, dish soap, hand soap, Kleenex, dish scrub brushes, holiday candles, dish detergent, loofahs, dishtowels, and whatever else you may run out of during the holidays! We would love to accept any heartfelt Christmas cards from you to our clients in addition to donated items. If you donate after December 5th, please contact Mandy at to see what we still need before you shop!

All purchased items for the gift baskets can be turned into the St. John Ministry Center Lobby reception desk, marked “Christ in Action” beginning Wednesday November 21st through Monday December 17th.

If you would like to participate in Adopt-a-Family, please contact Mandy at with that information and we will contact you if and when a request arises.

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