Hello everyone,

This week I am writing to tell you about a new client CIA has received. Ralph is a 73 year old veteran. He lives alone and is very conscientious about how he spends his money. Ralph is currently living on his Social Security Income and is in the process of applying for a pension as a supplemental income to his SSI.  He has also had assistance from the VA.

Ralph is struggling to pay all of his bills every month, one of which his electrical bill is extremely necessary as he has a few medical issues that require at home equipment that need electricity.   While he has been going through the process to get this extra pension his electric bills have backed up and though he is making head way on paying them, he has been unable to get ahead.  Ameren has agreed to extend the due date on the outstanding balance.  We would like to help him take care of the balance so he is not worrying about it over the Christmas season and he can start fresh in the New Year.  The total is $504.33, please help us make his Christmas a little brighter!

If you’d like to donate, please click the link below, or copy and paste it into your browser, and mark “Christ in Action” in the memo!

Follow the prompts to log in or donate anonymously.  Enter the amount of your gift in NEXT – Church Ministry Fund and under “include a message”, type “Christ in Action”.




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