Happy Summer to All!

We have a client I would like to share with you about and see if we are able to come together in support for her ongoing journey to wellness. Christ in Action has been working with Rachel, an adult female regarding an ongoing mental health issue she has been struggling with. Rachel has been dealing with anxiety and depression for most of her adult life, these have caused her to engage in some maladaptive behaviors that are damaging to her relationships, finances, and to her overall well-being.  Through our conversations Rachel has expressed willingness in participating in mental health counseling. Though she is employed, she does not currently have health insurance.

Together, we found a reliable therapist close to her who specializes in grief counseling, anxiety, and impulse control disorders.  The therapist has also offered CIA a significantly reduced rate for counseling services. We have agreed to assist Rachel with a number of weekly therapy sessions so she can begin to heal and identify healthier coping mechanisms that will work for her.  Christ in Action is asking for your help in covering the cost of therapy sessions, around $500.

As always we celebrate the diverse interests and gifts and talents of our CIA Alert team.  If hearing Rachel’s story inspires you to invest in her journey you are able to follow the instructions and click on the link below.  We are grateful for your continued support through action and prayer!

Have a blessed week!

You may donate ONLINE at SecureGive via the link:


Follow the prompts to log in or donate anonymously.  Enter the amount of your gift in Church Ministry One Fund and under “include a message”, type “CIA – Rachel”.

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