Matthew’s Progress

Happy fall everyone!

I wanted to give you an update on a long-time CIA client as well as share an opportunity to further support him!

Matthew has been with the CIA program since March, 2019; since committing himself to the new Christ in Action processes he has been fighting some ongoing legal battles as well as struggling to obtain full-time employment. With help from a partner on the CIA alert list, Matthew’s ongoing legal issues are about to be resolved, he has undergone debt management services, credit counseling services, and he has obtained two part-time jobs, working day and night to make ends meet.

One of Matthew’s proudest achievements that he recently shared with us is that his credit score has jumped up 57 points in the past couple of months because he has been able to make his car payments on time. Additionally, Matthew now has a fully functional vehicle thanks to your generosity.

Matthew and his family have been living in a motel for the past two years, but because of the progress he has made and the support of CIA they have finally been accepted into an apartment complex.

After watching all the hard work Matthew has put into working through his financial issues, taking charge of making his future different than the past we feel it’s appropriate to step in to help with the security deposit for the new apartment. The landlord is asking for first and last month’s rent ($775/month, totaling $1,550).

If you would like to assist with the cost of his move-in deposit, you can donate at the provided link below.   Thank you so much for your heart and willingness to help others!

You may donate ONLINE at SecureGive via the link:


Follow the prompts to log in or donate anonymously.  Enter the amount of your gift in Church Ministry One Fund and under “include a message”, type “CIA – Matthew”.


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